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1. What does your customer want?

Speak directly to your customer and fill in the blanks...

2. Talk directly to your customer's problem

Example: ”We need high quality meat at an affordable price with great service"
Your customer's external need is a physical, practical need that is driving them to seek or reach out to a service provider like The Wright Cut”

Examples: ”I don't feel like leaving the house to go grocery shopping...." or 
"We feel unsure of who to trust for the quality we are looking for...."

Internal needs are all about feelings, what feelings (usually of some kind of frustration or uncertainty) would drive your customers to deciding that they need to source a service provider like The Wright Cut?”

Philosophical needs go even deeper and are on a level of “how can your customer make a difference to the world and feel better about themselves as overall contributors to society…” not always easy to answer but let’s see if we can come up with anything.

Perhaps it will have something to do with good practice when it comes to where the meat is sourced? So by buying from The Wright Cut, you are helping to improve the way meat is farmed. (For example)

3. The Value Proposition

Research shows that people spend 10-20 seconds on a website before navigating away. We have one chance.

Our website/profile header needs a clear value proposition: A clear and concise statement of what The Wright Cut offers to potential customers.

Answer these questions:

Your value proposition helps your prospective customers understand what they get in exchange for giving you their money. It should be clear and visual.

Your potential customer is asking you:

“If I’m your ideal customer, why should I use your services rather than someone else?”

4. Call to Action

What is your call to action?

Do you want the customer to: Call now? Place an order? What is the next step for them after visiting your website?

5. Be the Guide

Express empathy for the problems/challenges potential customers might be facing, while demonstrating credibility (or competency).

6. The Plan

This is your process plan on how your customer can do business with The Wright Cut.


1. Choose your products

2. Place your order and pay

3. We deliver

7. The Stakes